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Financial management myths get debunked


Knowledge about effective financial management has become almost quintessential in the current economic environment. But with wealth chasing being the top priority, not many of us find time to sit down and actually acquire that knowledge from the experts. Instead we turn to our friendly knowledge database – the internet – to find answers to serious financial questions such as ... Read More »

10 Ways to Tell Your Dating Relationship Is No Longer Casual

Ottawa dating

( — You might think that you’re in the perfect casual relationship. You may even have met your casual partner on a casual dating site such as You’re don’t think you’re ready for a serious relationship, but suddenly, the signs of a more serious association begin to crop up. How do you know it’s suddenly more than just fun ... Read More »

How to be a Parisian girl wherever you are?


Each season, a book comes out that is a must have in the fashion world. That honour has been awarded in the past to the memoirs of the famous stylist Grace Coddington, then memory book from trendsetter Alex Chung, and this season fashion lovers, especially French fashion are going crazy over book “How to be Parisian Wherever You Are”. Authors ... Read More »