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A Threat to Winnipeg’s Water Supply?


Kenora, ON—With Winnipeg’s drinking water under threat from a proposed crude oil pipeline, TransCanada’s consultation process is leaving residents and activists with more questions than answers. In a project called “Energy East,” the TransCanada Corporation plans to convert an existing natural gas pipeline to transport up to 1.1 million barrels of crude oil ­from the tar sands, through Ontario, to ... Read More »

Canada’s transformation under neoliberalism


Even before that transformation began, Canada was hardly a model of inclusion, equality, and democracy. But in the latter years of the postwar expansion, Canada progressed both economically and socially. Living standards were improving quickly for most—fueled by rising real wages (which doubled in a generation) and a dramatic expansion of the social wage (including the introduction of national Medicare, ... Read More »

Dating tips for Ladies: What to do on dates?

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by Tanveer Adult dating in today’s world is quite difficult. People are very busy in their lives because of which they do not have the time to socialize and find suitable partners to date. Hence, they often spend time on free sex dating sites where they can easily find people to date and enjoy having sex with. Thanks to the ... Read More »