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This Is It: End of Windows XP tech support

Microsoft will officially end technical support for its Windows XP operating system on April 8.

The fact is that computers running XP will keep working after April 8 but with an increased risk of becoming victims of viruses and malware.

If new flaws in XP are discovered after that, they will go unfixed by Microsoft as no updates will be released.

According to some statistics, almost 30 per cent of the world’s desktop computers run XP.

There is a lot of risk in the system. Hackers may have found vulnerabilities in Windows XP that they haven’t disclosed, that they’re waiting until after April 8 to start using. Depending on the severity of those, they’ll have large success attacking machines.The End of Windows XP

Moreover, there is concern related to vulnerabilities that haven’t been discovered yet. Even if they are identified in the future, Microsoft won’t release any more security updates to fix them.

So, what does one do if still running Windows XP on your home PC?

Microsoft suggests two options: upgrade to a newer, supported version of Windows. Or buy a new PC. These are certainly the best options.

However, if you simply must keep using Windows XP, you must keep in mind the following things:

set up a home firewall to keep out malicious network traffic.
use an up-to-date web browser that isn’t Internet Explorer. Google Chrome or Mozilla’s Firefox are suggested.
an up-to-date antivirus product will help

The conclusion is that if you still have XP, it’s time to move.

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