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A good budget includes pleasure with the pain

I have a line on my budget called “Pleasures.” It’s where I put the money I spend getting a massage, buying those delicious ginger/peach candles and anything else that I want to splurge on in a month.

I guess I should put all the wonderful teas I buy under this category, but I put them under “food” leaving more space for self-indulgence (as long as I stay within my pre-set parameters for both).

Journalists are always asking me what I spend money on, I guess because I’m The Debtonator! (my sound-guy, John, came up with that one), and I’m constantly signing the “don’t spend money you don’t have” song.

But there are things I love to do, so I budget for them. And I set some money aside each month for things I just feel like splurging on: fresh tulips on my kitchen counter, fabulous cheese, a new house plant.

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