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How keeping up could keep you back from your goals: Vaz-Oxlade

Meet Jackie. Jackie and Alex, have a great life. They’ve lived well, managing their money carefully and are building up quite a nice little nest egg.

Their home is paid for, mostly because Jackie and Alex have always driven older models cars, shopped carefully for their clothes, and made do with not quite the latest cellphone.

Jackie recently got a new job. Now she’s working with a group of people who come from money – old money, and lots of it.

So Jackie is feeling some pressure to keep up.

While she’s been content to brown-bag lunch for most of her working career, her new work peers eat out often. And they like expensive restaurants.

Jackie is making good money, but if she tries to keep up she’s going to have a lot less money available for saving.

Jackie tried eating out a couple of times a week, using her workload as her excuse for eating her lunch at her desk the rest of the time. But when her work mates come back from lunch having discussed a work issue, coming up with a plan into which she’s had no input, she feels at a decided disadvantage.

The dilemma isn’t very different for Caroline, although the circumstances are not at all the same.

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