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This Is It: End of Windows XP tech support

Microsoft will officially end technical support for its Windows XP operating system on April 8. The fact is that computers running XP will keep working after April 8 but with an increased risk of becoming victims of viruses and malware. If new flaws in XP are discovered after that, they will go unfixed by Microsoft as no updates will be …

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Give ‘Em a Gold Star: How to Make Your Employees Feel Valued

You may be surprised at what actually motivates an employee. Is it the paycheck? Is it the benefits program? Is it the hours required of them? Though the studies have been done for decades have given employers a look at what makes their employees happy and satisfied, it’s still a puzzling question for many. Forbes has compiled a list of …

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Three methods of detecting insider fraud

All too often fraud is not detected until it is too late, in some cases several years after the fraudulent act has been committed. In many instances the fraudulent act remains completely undetected. Currently fraud issues abound as the banking system undergoes an overhaul to bring it back to some semblance of health. Perhaps one of the most worrisome signs …

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Investment Tips for Pensioners

The recession and credit crisis has hit people on a fixed income the hardest, and pensioners in particular are suffering from rising food and energy prices. Make your house work for you There are a few ways in which pensioners can make the most of their investments and assets, though. One good way is to rent out a room. A …

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Top 5 financial tips for 2014

What is the key to financial success? This is a question we all have an interest in, in some way or another. Read our guide to financial success in 2014 and we will relay some simple truths about financial success and show you how to achieve financial success this 2014. 1. Spending less than you earn If you spend less …

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Australian Magazine goes on Sale

If you are a serious entrepreneur who is interested in owning a valuable and revolutionary online magazine, this information is for you. Online business is experiencing a lot of growth. Entrepreneurs who have put their money in this avenue are reaping impressive profits. The nature of modern information dissemination is such that the internet is overtaking mainstream and traditional media …

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