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The Value of the Canadian Online Casino Market in 2016

Some investors tend to question the morality of investing in gambling. But, considering that the online casino market in Canada is a good ground for investments, maybe it’s time to put away those reservations. The growth is simply too big and too steady to ignore it.

The world is 20 years into online gambling and the Canadian online casino market is rapidly growing as seen by the number of Canadian online casinos at this noteworthy site and other sites as well. Thanks to the not so strict Canadian laws about online gambling, land-based casinos can soon become things of the past.

In fact, this has been seen with Canada’s outdate model of iGaming, where mobile casinos and mobile gambling in general has been ignored. This made the model fail quickly.

An increasing number of online gambling companies have showed up in Canada in recent years. As a result, the country was and still is second place just behind the UK in terms of industry market cap.

As you might know, the UK is one of the biggest grounds for both land-based and online casino operations, a country with very precise regulations about online gambling.

Experts have forecasted that by 2018 the global online casino market cap will reach approximately 13.5 billion USD. Online bingo is included too. This is an annual growth rate of nearly 10%. Canada’s share in this is a big one, but there haven’t been precise numbers.

What’s great about this is that some of the top stocks in the online gambling industry are available to Canadian investors.

Even when the economy’s growth is low globally, the online gambling sector seems to be growing constantly. Montreal-based Amaya made a lot of people happy when the company purchased the biggest poker networks, PokerStars and Full Tilt.

This 4.9 billion USD purchase made the company the largest publicly listed online gambling company in the world. Amaya is also known for providing many online casinos with top-rated casino games.

Canada may still be playing a catch-up game with the UK. But with eight e-gaming analyst firms, it’s still leading the way in terms of analyst coverage making it more accessible to online casino investors.

The Intertain Group Ltd. Is another big online gambling company based in Toronto that provides online casinos with games. It started as an Amaya-spinoff but now has a market cap of $1.3 billion.

Intertain owns several online casinos catering Canadian online players and all of them have been performing with an increased total revenue.

As of right now, the Canadian online casino market is expected to break even more ground. The amount of money generated by the different provinces is impressive. A countrywide regulatory approval which will substitute the current legal grey area will only add fuel to the fire. It will be beneficial for all without a doubt.

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