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How to Cope with the Uncertainty of “Will They, Won’t They” Sequels

Hollywood loves a sequel, prequel, and now even a spin-off movie; this year’s Rogue One: A Star Wars Story  earned Disney their second-biggest opening weekend of all time in the UK, and in terms of sheer number of sequels, James Cameron’s Avatar has been tipped for up to four of them. Yes, four! 

More Avatar, Hellboy, Bridesmaids?

When sequels don’t materialise within an expected timeframe, though, it can leave something of a gaping hole in film buffs’ lives. Avatar 2, for instance, is being tipped to hit our screens in 2018 after the first 2009 film, which left some fans so engrossed that they suffered from depressed thoughts when they realised that planet Pandora wasn’t real. 

Avatar aside, two films that fans would desperately love to see a sequel of are Hellboy (this would actually be a sequel to the sequel!) and Bridesmaids, two hugely popular films appealing to very different demographics. Bridesmaids was nominated for a wealth of awards, including MTV Movie Awards, Academy Awards, and several BAFTAs. 

With Hellboy, the cliffhanger focused on how the memorable character was going to cope with the arrival of twins, whilst Bridesmaids had plenty of potential to develop the character of Megan whilst exploring whether Annie could finally get her bakery back up and running.
Similarly to Avatar, though, both sequels have question marks hanging over them; Kristen Wiig is busy working on other projects and even Ron Perlman has started to accept that he might not be able to persuade anyone else to get involved in the creation of Hellboy 3.
The question is: how can the gaping holes left by the uncertainty surrounding these "will they, won’t they" sequels be filled in the here and now? 

Make the Original Film Your Own

Well, fortunately, there are ways to relive your memories of the original films. Following on from movie-themed slots successes like Jurassic Park and Terminator, there is now a Bridesmaids slots game, offering players the chance to enjoy some of their favourite moments from the movie. The Bridesmaids slot at 32Red allows fans to relive (and alter) the drama between Helen and Annie whilst vying for the attention of Lillian. With each cash prize won, there’s the additional bonus of being able to watch a funny clip from the movie.

For Avatar fans, there’s the opportunity to continue the battle between humans and Pandora’s native Na’vi on the Mr Green slots game, so as we wait for James Cameron, we can at least continue the battle that was about to rage at the end of this 2009 classic. The Avatar slots game allows access to locked content, engaging bonuses, and unique Wild symbols. 

32Red also allow gamers to achieve Hellboy’s ultimate goal, the Relic of Power, by picking up and playing the Hellboy slot game on mobile and desktop.

If you’re more into your flawed action hero genre on video game consoles, and want to see Hellboy use his hand of stone to bring some good to the world then you could look at either the truly awful Hellboy: Asylum Seeker, a game so questionable that when Hellboy talks his mouth doesn’t even move, or you could look at the more recent release of Hellboy: The Science of Evil which, although an improvement on Asylum Seeker, still allows you to run into walls unwittingly due to the terrible camera angles! 

Gaming Aside, How Can the Gap Be Filled?!


For some movie fans, there seems to be a never-ending list of ways to enjoy your film, with Star Wars fans treated to Lego figures (and in some cases Lego memorabilia unexpectedly worth thousands of pounds!), a wealth of board games and amazingly authentic costumes.

Embracing non-gaming pursuits is also an option for Hellboy fans (just hunt down the original graphic novels or enjoy Mike Mignola’s amazing paintings and illustrations by getting a copy of The Art of Hellboy or some of his other creations). 


However you attempt to fill the void before those "will they, won’t they" sequels and spin-offs are finalised, remember there’s also the chance to have a good old-fashioned binge on the original films themselves, which we still hold so close to our hearts. 

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