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Second Euro Millions Super Draw of the Year Announced

Lottery officials have recently released a piece of news that makes lottery fans very happy: the date for the second EuroMillionsSuperDraw of the year was set. The special draw of the European lottery will be held on September 15th, 2017 and it will feature a jackpot of €130 million.

A source of dreams and hope for lotto players from many European countries, EuroMillionsSuperDraws are special lottery events you should not miss out on. Sometimes followed by rollover streaks, this special draws are responsible for Europe’s greatest lottery millionaires, including the famous Brits Colin and Christine Weir, who scooped £161 million back in 2011.

If regularly, EuroMillions jackpots start at €15 million, a SuperDraw has a guaranteed jackpot of €100 million, with some of them, such as the current one getting a boost to €130 million. Here are a few things you should know about SuperDraws:

1. The rules of the game don’t change

This means that you get to play with the same range of five numbers from 1 to 50 and two Lucky Stars (1-12). The same game formats and the same country-specific features are available. That is to say that, besides trying your luck to a mouth-watering jackpot, you still have the chance of getting your hands on a raffle prize worth €1 million or £1 million, depending on the EuroMillions participating country in which your ticket is purchased.

2. Jackpots can get even bigger

If the €130 million jackpot will not be won on the draw of September 15th, the amount will grow further. With each rollover, the jackpot will get a substantial boost, until the cap of €190 million is reached. In this case, the jackpot stays at €190 million for 4 consecutive draws. If still there is no participating ticket to match the winning numbers, the jackpot rolls down to the second prize division. However, this scenario has never become reality so far.

3. You can enter the SuperDraw online from wherever you are

Nowadays, there companies such as theLotter offering are concierge services and allowing EuroMillions fans from all over the world to enter the draws of their favourite lotteries on a weekly basis. The same is true for the SuperDraws.

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