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Nicolas’s debut collection for Louis Vuitton

Nicolas Ghesquiere’s debut collection for Louis Vuitton proved to be the high point of the Paris Fashion Week. He definitely did steal the show and numerous hearts with his work.

All were waiting for the time when the directional-yet-wearable collection would make its red carpet debut. The bigger wait was to see who would wear it.

Speculations came to a hault when unsurprisingly, in less than a week after it came down the runway, French actress/musician Charlotte Gainsbourg wore it, quite chicly, to a New York premiere of her upcoming Lars von Trier film, “Nymphomaniac.”Charlotte is known as a friend and muse of Nicolas.
Nicolas Ghesquiere Louis Vuitton
Charlotte Gainsbourg ,the daughter of actress Jane Birkin and singer Serge Gainsbourg and is known for French fashion royalty.

She wore leather pants, a frilly blouse and sweater vest combo with caramel-colored ankle boots. The head to toe look did make quite an appearance. High scores for Vuitton!

At yet another film screening, Darren Aronofsky’s “Noah,” drew stylish stars Jennifer Connelly and Emma Watson in amazing black gowns.

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