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How to Keep your Fashion Blog Fresh

When you are starting a new blog project, you need to keep it fresh and engaging. If it’s your first time working in this area, here are three tips to stay on track and keep traffic to your blog high.


Organization is the key to have everything under control. You need to be clear about what you want from your blog, how you can make it and how you want to make your audience feel. Don’t make any speculations, try to keep your goals real and be focused all the time. After you’ve decided every aspect you need a plan, make a list of your priorities and the information areas you want to cover. Check step by step and take your time, sometimes we focus on everything at the same time. This makes it hard to put the right effort into each and every process. A perfect itinerary will give you the option to play with time.


All the information you post in your blogs needs to be commercial, popular, real and easy to understand. Searching regularly will help you to know what people like and what else is on the market. Original and fresh are the keywords of success. Also, searching will give you another perspective of fashion you can capture with your articles. You can never have too much information; read, look through photos and be in touch with fashion daily. It’s good to check out some websites for new trends, look up Tillys , they have the best line of clothing, accessories and marketing ideas.

Social Media

Social Media is everywhere, because people usually spend a good part of their time on it. You need to use that as an advantage to promote your blog. You need to post at least a couple of times daily, with new information, fashion trends, pictures, etc. Also you can use social medias to meet people interested in the same topics as you, they can help you with new posting techniques, fashion events, photoshoots… they can even share your blog on their social media.

This is a full time job, but if you love what you do, everything will be a piece of cake. Take care of your blog and your blog will take care of you!

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