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Xcheaters-Reviews: NASA Evades Alien-like Spacecraft Live

UFO watchers have been looking for anyone who might have been tracking NASA’s Live Feed of the International Space Station on 6 January, 2015. In an interview given to Disclose TV, veteran UFO hunter Toby Lundh alleged that he spotted UFOs outside the ISS while monitoring the live feed on his laptop.

Lundh even captured a couple of screen shots of the live feed before it was interrupted after 10 to 15 seconds. He sent the same to Blake at Disclose TV.

Ludh also claimed that he has found through persistent viewing that there are “always some UFOs showing up.” Likewise, he said, NASA always cuts the feed when a UFO gets close to the station.

UFO watchers claimed to see some object outside the space station during a space walk by astronauts Reid Wiseman and Alexander Gerst on 7 October, 2015.

NASA did not immediately return a call for comment. This information was obtained from a report published by Chron.

This article is courtesy of Xcheaters-Reviews.com UFO News Wire Service.

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