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Important Things You Need to Know About EMF Radiation

We all love technology. In fact, we can’t live without the latest technology. People across the world are addicted to making calls and using cell phones to browse social media. The latest technology is also used in workplaces and health facilities. Visit any office and the first thing you see is a computer. Any electrical appliance that uses power emits invisible energy that is referred to as an Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF).

Are EMFs harmful to our health?

It is a fact that a high level of ionizing radiation is harmful to our health. Radiation such as Gamma, X-rays, and UV are said to carry enough electric and magnetic fields to initiate DNA and cellular damage in our bodies. Since the introduction of the latest technology, the world has experienced some of the worst and complicated health challenges. A recent study suggests that health issues such as stroke and cancer may be as a result of EMF radiation.

Am I being affected by EMF radiation?

While you may not have suffered from such radiation, it is crucial that you protect yourself from the effects. The truth is that if you are using an EMF emitting device like a phone or computer, you are vulnerable to EMFs. These emissions are linked to brain tumours, headaches, weaker immunity, impaired sleep, and infertility.

How can you protect yourself from EMFs?

Eradicating EMF radiation is next to impossible. We can’t do away with the new technology. However, there are ways we can protect our bodies from these emissions. Research shows powerful and high levels of EMFs are harmful to our health. However, limited or controlled use of EMF emitting devices reduces the health effects of these fields. Here are some great ways to protect your family from electromagnetic fields.

Use EMF protection devices

Now that we can’t do without the technology, there are shields you can use to avoid EMF radiation. The role of these shields is to repel the radiation away from your body. Among the emf protection products are cell phone chips, neutralisers, diodes, and pendants.

Limit use of EMF emitting devices

Always keep a distance from electrical devices. Don’t be so close to computers, microwaves or any other electronics. When making a call, avoid using earphones. You can also avoid making long calls as the emissions increase with time. The other technique is to avoid making calls while the phone is charging. Although these tips won’t eliminate the radiation, they will lower your contact with it.
Many people have ignored the effects of EMF radiation. However, the effects are irreversible once the damage has occurred. It is, therefore, your responsibility to protect your family from EMFs. Order EMF protection shields and take precautions when using electrical appliances.

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