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Xcheaters.com: Top 22 Dating Tips for Men

When you decide on opening up an online dating profile on a site like Xcheaters.com and Flirthookup.com, you need to remember that there is a lot that goes into a profile. Websites like Flirthookup.com give users many options for displaying their interests and likes. Erin Stevens of the Men’s Fitness website gave some very helpful hints as well for online dating in November, 2014.

1. Pick a screen name that is mature and not perverted. If your screen name is Captain69, women will know that you are clearly seeking one thing.

2. Use a high quality picture. Make sure it’s not a selfie. Women would love to see you in a nice suit and tie in your photo. Don’t use photos with your ex-girlfriends in them either.

3. When you reply to women, make sure that they are looking for the same things that you are. Just because she looks like your type doesn’t mean that she may be the one for you.

4. Avoid telling white lies. For instance, if you don’t have a car, don’t tell her you’ll pick her up.

5. Keep it as simple as you can. Don’t drag out details online, make sure that you two have something to talk about on your first date.

6. Make sure that you ask the right questions when you message her. Ask her what she does for fun, what books she likes, etc.

7. Make your first date memorable and original.

8. Be funny. Women love when a guy has a great sense of humor. It is one of the most wanted traits in a man, so tell jokes, and make sure they’re not offensive.

9. When you meet a woman online, make sure that when the two of you are out to dinner that you pay attention to what she is saying. Don’t get on your phone or look at other women around you.

10. Keep your promises to her. If you tell her that you will call her again, make sure you do. Don’t just tell her.

11. Talk to her at dinner. There is nothing worse than silence on a first date. It may be small talk, but at least you can get to know her better.

12. Be a gentleman. Open the door for her and get her chair. Chivalry is not dead. Not yet anyways.

13. Compliment her. Make sure she knows that you think she’s pretty and smart. Girls love to hear that stuff!

14. Remember your manners. Don’t burp or fat in front of her yet. Save that for when you two are old and married.

15. Make decisions. If she doesn’t know what kind of wine to order, take a chance and order it for the two of you.

16. Offer to pay for dinner. A lot of women are offended by this, but others really appreciate it.

17. The boys can wait to meet her. Make sure that you and your new lady have been working on your relationship before you introduce her to all of the boys.

18. Dress appropriately. Make sure that you don’t look like a slob when you go out on the first date together.

19. If you want to have kids at some point, make sure that this is on the table.

20. Stay sober on your date. It is all right to have a glass of wine or two, but don’t start doing shots and making an ass of yourself in front of your date. This may give her the wrong impression.

21. Don’t obsess over her just yet. It can be a little creepy for you to call and text nonstop and it appears needy.

22. Mashable.com says to not build a fantasy based on two or three dates. She may not quite be ready to marry you after a couple of dinners.

Once you have followed these tips, you are bound to find just the right woman for you.

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