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Competition Bureau’s bread price-fixing probe leaves experts surprised

Experts reacted with surprise on Wednesday to news that the Competition Bureau is investigating possible price-fixing of bread products by suppliers and retailers in Canada’s grocery industry. “I think it’s unlikely that it’s a widespread or very senior scheme,” said Mark Satov, strategy adviser and founder, Satov Consultants Inc. Satov was reacting to the news that Competition Bureau investigators, accompanied …

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Tesla driving away customer confidence with unfulfilled promises

A year ago, Tesla set up a hastily organized conference call between Elon Musk and reporters. Tesla had something big to announce — big enough for the chief executive to open the floor to questions. That doesn’t happen very often. What followed wasn’t so much the unveiling of a new product as a plan for a product. Tesla’s driver-assistance platform, Autopilot, was about to begin …

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How keeping up could keep you back from your goals: Vaz-Oxlade

Meet Jackie. Jackie and Alex, have a great life. They’ve lived well, managing their money carefully and are building up quite a nice little nest egg. Their home is paid for, mostly because Jackie and Alex have always driven older models cars, shopped carefully for their clothes, and made do with not quite the latest cellphone. Jackie recently got a …

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