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European Casinos get hands on Canadian Partners

By good luck, European casinos may now obtain a Canadian marketing partner and this is made possible through the support of and These Canadian ad agencies are not for profit and they are well-known for supporting European casinos in getting in touch with their prospects especially in Canada. Moreover, these casinos may benefit from using the exceptional advertorial …

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Useful technology knowledge: The origin of plasma TV

A plasma TV, also known as a plasma display panel (PDP), is a popular design of flat panel display used in large televisions with screen sizes of 30 inches and above. It is the latest innovation in TV display technology. A plasma display panel provides the best flat panel display with high quality images and large screen sizes that can …

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Oscars 2014: “12 Years A Slave” Bags Best Film

The much acclaimed slavery drama “12 Years a Slave” won the Academy Award for best picture on Sunday, making history along as the first movie in 86 years of the Oscars from a black director to win this honour. Interestingly, Gravity pulled off a near-sweep at the Academy Awards. Despite losing out to ’12 Years a Slave’, Aflono Cuaron’s technological …

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