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Dating: How to Encourage a Man to Ask You Out

There’s this one guy you’ve been eyeing for quite some time already. Exactly how would you get him to ask you out on a date? There are many different ways to ask a guy out, yet to make sure that it will work on him, never make it look like you admire him so much. Make it possible for a …

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Online Dating: The Secret To Attracting Love Online

We all have the ability to attract love anywhere and everywhere. We just have to know how! The secret to attracting love online is… Knowing! Knowing who we are… Knowing what we want… Knowing where to find what we want! Do you know who you really are? If not take the time needed to find out before going any further. …

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Encore: Bad Men You Should Avoid When Dating

Women always say, “I didn’t know he was like that” when their boyfriends perform acts that cause everyone around them shame. In some cases they really weren’t aware of the boyfriend’s mischievous deeds, but in other cases women knew well in advance they just hoped he would stop. Most women are not stupid, gullible, dumb, or any other name critics …

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