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McDonald’s Testing McCafé

McDonald’s Corp. already is test marketing its McCafé bagged coffee in U.S. supermarkets very well. McDonald’s and Kraft Foods Group last year told that testing would begin in 2014. But looks like retail sales already have quietly begun in selected locations. One location is the Wegmans supermarket in Mechanicsburg, Pa., near Harrisburg, where McDonald’s McCafé brand is currently well represented. …

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Makeup: 3 tips to shape and illuminate the face

1. The golden rule: brighten the skin to attract attention The goal is to bring to light key areas we want to highlight (like cheekbones) and shade areas we want to avoid highlight (round cheeks, forehead too, etc.. ). It is not to transform, but to give a boost to nature by building on our strengths. Moreover, the experts all …

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Organic coconut oil: Your skin’s best winter companion

(NC) — As the temperature continues to drop, you have probably noticed the negative effects on your skin as it becomes dry, flaky and itchy. Walking down the aisles of the store, it’s quickly apparent that the choices of lotions and potions to stop dry skin are endless, but which product should you choose? There’s one superfood solution that is …

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