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Dwayne Johnson: 50 Crew Members Fired on ‘Hercules’ Set

Looks like Paramount Pictures and MGM were much more secretive about the upcoming movie “Hercules” than initially anticipated. Star Dwayne Johnson has told media persons that the studios were so strict about keeping the character’s full look concealed that they fired dozens of people simply for attempting to take photos of him in costume. “I would say maybe close to …

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Canadians are in love with direct deposit

(NC) – Forget about walking down the lane or driving to the post office to pick up your federal benefit cheque. The majority of Canadians now receive their federal payments electronically through direct deposit into their bank accounts. Four out of five Canadians—parents, seniors, veterans, students, businesses and Aboriginal people—have enrolled in direct deposit, the federal program to eliminate paper …

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Property planning advice for the retirement boom

(NC) — Things are looking up for Canadian boomers. Compared to the generation that precedes them, they are healthier, living longer and many will work past the age of 65. This changes how retirees need to should look at their retirement property. “Accessibility tops the list of considerations for retiring homebuyers, followed by amenities, size, finances, and of course, location,” …

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