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Canadians curious about marijuana edibles, but concerned about children: survey

HALIFAX—Canadians appear to have an appetite for marijuana-infused munchies, according to a new survey that found a healthy majority both supported the legalization of recreational pot use but had clear concerns about children’s access to edible products containing cannabis. The poll by researchers at Dalhousie University in Halifax found that about 68 per cent of people across the country favour …

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Plus-size lingerie a big business opportunity for U.S. clothiers

Ask any woman. Shopping for bras is a pain, sometimes literally. And if you’re what they call curvy? Good luck with that. But there’s fresh hope on the plus-size horizon, with brands including Calvin Klein and specialty retailers such as Brayola introducing more brassieres in 40DD and beyond. It’s part of a new push by clothiers to appeal to full-figured …

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Jack Todd: NFL unites against Trump’s divisive racial politics

It was Oct. 16, 1968. Almost 50 years ago. Two Americans, the 200-metre sprinters Tommie Smith and John Carlos, had just won gold and silver at the Mexico City Olympics. Both men were without shoes and wearing black socks as a reminder of black poverty, Smith wearing a black scarf around his neck to symbolize black pride, but the part …

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