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Forget ‘cultural appropriation’ — it’s about censorship

It seems to me the debate about so-called “cultural appropriation” is really about censorship. Cultural appropriation — which can be positive or negative — is inevitable. Without it, Shakespeare doesn’t write The Merchant of Venice, Joseph Conrad doesn’t write Heart of Darkness, John Howard Griffin doesn’t write Black Like Me and Gord Downie doesn’t write The Secret Path. The fact …

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Is it Wise to Take Kids Along on a Gambling-Centric Trip in Canada?

Maybe a friend told you Canadian casinos are among the most fun she’d ever visited or perhaps you’ve just been thinking about becoming more familiar with the gambling opportunities available in Canada after doing some basic online research and really liking what you found. Gambling trips are fun but might seem too complex to manage if you have kids who …

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Jays Hurting, But not for Long

TORONTO – Having three starting pitchers on the disabled list is only one part of the challenge facing the Blue Jays rotation. The other is getting by with veteran everyday catcher Russell Martin residing in the same injury ward. Enter call- up Luke Maile, who is doing a solid job behind the plate in Martin’s absence. “He’s good back there. It’s nice …

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