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What You NEED to Think about If You’re A Newly Single Woman over 40

Anything you read about being single at 40 will probably suggest how depressing and hard it is Mature dating. Yes, it is hard because social conventions have made it so! But there is nothing depressive about being single at 40. Everyone has their hardships. Maybe you are a widow, maybe you are porced, maybe you are a workaholic and never got married, and maybe you are a single mom. You are a woman who has been through it all and yes it was tough, but it’s nothing to be disheartened about. You are a strong woman of 40 and you deserve to be happy with a man who respects and loves you. So, let’s look at what you need to know before you get back into the dating game:

Dating Has Changed

You have been out of the dating game for long and you need to know that it has changed considerably. It is no longer common that only men pursue women, rather it’s a two-way street now. So, if you have your eyes on someone, go ahead and ask him out.

Decreased Options

Let’s be realistic and realize that the potential pool of men available for dating at this age is small. Most have already settled down with wives and kids. But don’t despair! Studies show that in the United States, there are an equal number of single men and women over 40. So, there are single men your age, even if few.

Men Your Age Prefer Younger Women

Another hard truth you need to know is that a typical man above 40 will happily accept women who are 15 years younger but no more than 3 years older. As absurd as it is, at least you know that the next time a man of your age turns you down, it’s not because of you. It’s because of his preferences.

Younger Men

So, if men can date women much younger than them, why can’t you? Young men in their late 20s and 30s claim that they prefer older women. These men find that older women are much easier to deal with since they are mature, well established and independent. This considerably increases the pool of potential men for dating, given that it’s not out of your comfort zone.

Go Out

Obviously you have to work a little harder to find a suitable dating partner when you are 40 or above. Push yourself to come out of your comfort zone by attending events and social hangouts. Also, get your friends to set up blind dates with people they consider suitable for you. You can also strike up casual conversations with men at places, such as coffee shops, to help you find a date.

Online Dating

These days women over 40 are successfully able to find dates on online dating websites. There are many dating sites that cater to certain age groups. It may seem unconventional but online dating websites have resulted in many success stories, so who knows what you may find there.

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