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Flirthookup.com Reviews: Fun Date Ideas

Don’t you love dating – especially now that you’re not a teenager anymore and have managed to gain a bit of self-confidence and lose that bad case of acne. It might be love, it might be lust, but who cares as long as you’re having fun? You can work out what’s going to come later when the time comes. Maybe …

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Flirthookup.com Reviews: Dating Tips for Introverted Guys

If you tend to be a bit quiet in a crowd and are more inclined to be at your best in one on one interactions, getting that hot date when you’re out and about might not be so easy for you. We checked out Askmen.com and found some very helpful tips. 1) Wear clothes you feel great in When you’re …

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Flirthookup.com Reviews: 10 Things That Ruin Casual Dating

It’s all very well to fall head over heels in love on the first date when you’re just a teenager, but adult dating involves a more measured, mature approach. Adult daters usually prefer to begin with casual dating even if they are looking for a life partner. As an adult, you’re aware that you’re probably going to meet quite a …

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Flirthookup.com Reviews: Top 10 casual partner dating rules

You might think that finding a casual partner is as easy as going out with someone, but even though you’re planning to keep the relationship light with someone you meet on sites like Flirthookup or Xmeeting, it’s advisable to be a trifle fussy. Otherwise, you might end up with the worst date ever. The Guardian offered its helpful hints on …

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Flirthookup.com Reviews: Dating a Transgender Woman

You don’t have any problems with transgender women. In fact, you’re think it’s quite sexy. You may even have tried to date one. Invariably, you’d visit a dating site to find someone who is openly transgender and looking for a date. You find a promising looking ad and fire off a courteous introductory letter. You like her profile and you’re …

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