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Poultry, Dairy Family Farms anchor B.C. Agriculture: Report

(NC) — British Columbia’s dairy and poultry sectors have long provided a much-needed source of stability in the province’s turbulent farm sector. This role has expanded to a point where they now account for nearly half of all agriculture employment, according to a report released by PricewaterhouseCoopers. The province’s dairy, poultry and egg farmers added 3,350 jobs between 2007 and …

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Science of Subway Banana Bread in Canada

Mmmmm, a delicious six-inch Subway sub with a side of chemicals said to be used in yoga mats and shoe soles. The U.S. sub sandwich chain said it’s working to remove an ingredient called azodicarbonamide from its bread. Turns out, the chemical additive is also in the Canadian sandwich and officials here are in the process of eliminating it from …

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McDonalds Loses Its Taste for Novelty

You could say 2013 was a year of experimentation for McDonald’s (MCD): Fish McBites came out in February, McWraps in March, and Mighty Wings in September—all relative novelty items for the fast-food giant. All that innovation amounted to a 0.2 percent drop in U.S. same-store sales over the year. Maybe that’s why for its first permanent addition to the menu …

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Vietnam’s first McDonalds serves 400,000 customers in a month

Vietnam’s largest city Ho Chi Minh attracts thousands of adventurous travelers each year who come specially to experience the French colonial architecture, life on the bustling Saigon river and – of course – the world-famous cuisine. But now there is a surprising new addition to Ho Chi Minh’s culinary offerings: McDonald’s. America’s most famous fast food joint set up its …

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McDonald’s: Sonic sees oppurtunity to eat lunch

Cliff Hudson, Sonic Corp.’s chief executive and president would tell you to see Sonic’s opportunity as against McDonald’s on being asked about his plans to grow the chain. Hudson said that McDonald’s initiatives (such as revamping its stores, changing the way it prepares food and expanding its Mc Cafes) have run out of steam and the company has yet to …

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McDonald’s Testing McCafé

McDonald’s Corp. already is test marketing its McCafé bagged coffee in U.S. supermarkets very well. McDonald’s and Kraft Foods Group last year told that testing would begin in 2014. But looks like retail sales already have quietly begun in selected locations. One location is the Wegmans supermarket in Mechanicsburg, Pa., near Harrisburg, where McDonald’s McCafé brand is currently well represented. …

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