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What is Capitalistocracy?

The rule and social control of society by commercially wealthy interests, under an ethos of greed, which totally ignores worsening social and environmental costs.

“Anti-Terrorism” legislation is being used to sabotage the prospective development of democratic societies in behalf of capitalistocrats, toward a fascistic “New World Order” of greed, tyranny, and social control. Meanwhile, Global Warming, and worsening pollution, is leading our planet Earth into a catastrophic environmental holocaust.

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Capitalism is Not DemocracyCapitalism is Not Democracy
by Raymond Samuels

Part I: ISBN 1894934636 , 2005
Part II: ISBN 1-897036477, 2005
Part III:ISBN 1-897036906, 2005

“If the scriptures of world religions indicate that G-d created the Heavans, the Earth including human beings and other living creatures, then why aren’t more religious leadership vigilantly championing environmental protection, and assailing the destructive impacts of capitalism in general?”

General description:
A watershed book on the general dysfunctionality of capitalism in relationship to prospective democratic societal development.

Synoptic backgrounder:
According to the Bible, G-d created the Heavens and the Earth. This included a Paradise for Humankind and other living creatures. Jesus Christ is referred to in the Bible as spreading a message of lovingkindness and peace.

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Capitalism is Not Democracy
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He healed the sick without demands for financial compensation. He proselytized in defence of the poor and other peoples who were being oppressed by a wealthy elite, who sought to perpetuate their status and power.

If that is the case, then who are these self-professed “Christians”, who preside over the destruction of the environment, supposedly created by G-d, according to the representation of the Bible? Who are these self-professed “Christians” among zealot American Republicans (and their Conservative Party of Canada confederates), in particular, who support a privatized healthcare system which exploits the sick, depriving millions of Americans from access to vitally needed healthcare? Wouldn’t actual disciples of Bible teachings seek to protect the environment, as a sacred creation of G-d.

Who are these self-professed “Christians” who have historically spread ‘culture of violence’ and bigotry, and who also support the perpetuation of the commercial wealthy status, and power of an elite, “through force if necessary”, over ‘the poor’?

What relationship, if any, do these self-professed “Christians” have in the quest for a “New World Order”, under ‘Corporate Globalization?

Does the Bible in association with other world religions actually provide the basis for a rejuvenated and alternative economic system, which is inspired by tenets of human rights, social justice, and participatory democracy toward Human Development?



Compendium on Capitalistocracy and Corporate Globalization
by Raymond Samuels II, ed.
1-894839-84-6, Volume 1 (10 Volumes); 2005

Constitutionalizing Universal Public Healthcare in Canada
by Raymond Samuels II
ISBN: 1894839153, 2003