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Corporate Globalization


Somewhat analogous to a vampire Coporate Globalization assaults Mother Earth

‘Corporate Globalization’ is a capitalistocratic economic doctrine. This doctrine is generally referred to by Big Business owned mass media as “Economic Globalization”, or more simply “Globalization”. Corporate Globalization pivots on the premise that the primary purpose of government is to facilitate the greed driven interests of the most wealthy ‘owners of capital’. Its legitimacy is propped-up by propaganda that so-called “Globalization” is designed to support the spread of “prosperity” and democracy, when it is actually designed to execute the exact opposite agenda.

Corporate Globalization does not operate from an axiom of ‘equality’ and ‘peace’. Instead, it operates to execute an agenda of oppressive dominance, in a culture of violence, from which elites forcibly pursue insatiable commercial profit, status, and power irrespective of social and environmental costs.

The culture of violence associated with Corporate Globalization manifests from a predatory context. Such a dysfunctional culture conditions elite ‘owners of capital’ to pursue their self-absorbed materialistic agenda, with the threat of force, if necessary.

Force in the name of “security”, and “counter-terrorism” initiatives are used to the repress any popular resistance to executed social injustices and environmental destructiveness.

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