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Systematized Exploitation



“Economic Growth” is a mythology that is perpetuated by elites in a corporate “globalizing” capitalistocracy. This mythology is designed by these elites in order to perpetuate their insatiable pursuit of ‘commercial profit’, status, and power. The pursuit of this mythology creates an exploitation context which is destroying human quality-of-survival.

Exploitation in capitalism manifests in the form of worsening disparities; and oppression designed to facilitate the insatiable pursuit of ‘commercial profit’, status, and power among elites. Exploitation also manifests in the form of the systematized pillaging and destruction of vital ecosystems, which human beings depend upon for their quality-of-survival.

“Economic Growth” is a mythology because it is presented from dissembled data. This data often includes uses of so-called “Leading Economic Indicators”, along with the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which totally ignores the social and environmental costs of greed-driven commercially short-sighted exploitation.

Large corporations generate large commercial profits by unethically passing-off social and environmental costs onto the diverse public. This includes worsening sicknesses and diseases which create an added burden on the public healthcare system; and the use of sweatshops where basically slave labour in so-called “Third World” countries are often paid pennies per hour in horrendous, and often life-threatening working conditions.

If economic data appropriately integrated social and environmental costs, such adjusted ‘economic indicators’ would reveal a consistent pattern of worsening decline in the quality-of-living, by countries which have misleadingly claimed “growth”.

Vital human quality-of-survival relies on the timely needed replacement of capitalism with a rejuvenated economic system. Such an economic system must definitely not be “communist” or “socialist”. These systems are just forms of “state capitalism”, as opposed to correspondent context of “market” capitalism.

The prevailing American-led global “market capitalism”, and the “state capitalism”-orientation of “socialist” and “communist” societies are essentially corrupt economic systems. These corrupt economic systems, are oriented around the self-aggrandizement of elites as “owners of capital”, which has created a profound path of social injustice and environmental destruction.

The United States, China, Russia, Japan, and the European Union as “Leading Economic Powers” — along with those countries which seek to pursue a corresponding dysfunctional capitalistocractic model of “progress” under “Corporate Globalization” — are inflicting horrendous and profound damage to their societies, and our planet Earth in general.

The affirmation of human quality of survival relies on the creation of a rejuvenated people-oriented economic system. Such a people oriented domestic and international political economy, would embrace human rights, social justice, and environmental protection, which safeguards against destructive exploitation.


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