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Human Rights


The intrusion of capitalism into various societies internationally, has left behind unmistakeable and profound paths of exploitation, alienation, oppression and human suffering.

Replace Capitalism with a People-oriented Economic System

In the prevailing American-led “global capitalism” success is measured by the extent to which human economic agents obtain commercial profit, ‘status’, and ensuing power, irrespective of human rights.

This creates a political economy that is fostering dystopic conditions for crime; and political extremism that manifests in “terrorism”.

The United States (in association with its “western” allies) via its capitalistocratic agenda, is thus creating the very conditions for worsening “terrorism” that it wants to control and defeat.

Ethically, capitalism must be replaced by a rejuvenated economic system. Such an economic system must DEFINTELY not be “communism”, or its variant “socialism”, which are really forms of ‘state’ capitalism.

The quality of survival of human beings globally, relies on the replacement of capitalism, as a means of organizing the Economy. Capitalism is measured by misleading indicators of growth, that ignores worsening human rights related conditions.

The affirmation of human rights internationally, relies upon the creation of a rejuvenated people-oriented economic system, which embraces social justice, and the principles of participatory democracy.

Capitalistocracy has relied in part, on spreading propaganda that the only alternative to the prevailing “capitalism”, is a form of ‘communist dictatorship’, or an “inefficient” socialist system. In so doing, capitalistocracy seeks to avoid debate on the social ethical legitimacy of capitalism.

The book ‘Capitalism is Not Democracy’, that is cited in ‘Recommended Readings’ below, presents a people-oriented economic system as an alternative to forms of ‘capitalism’.

‘Capitalism is Not Democracy’ presents a rejeuvenated human rights inspired economic system that serves the quality-of-living of human beings, without prejudice.

The prevailing American-led so-called “free market” context, “socialism”, and “communism” are all forms of capitalism. These systems champion the interests of “owners of capital”, whether among corrupt Big Business elites, i.e. in the United States; or a corrupt state bureaucracy, i.e. Communist China, that ignores vital human rights areas.

Capitalistocrats seek the insatiable pursuit of commercial profit, which can support their crass-materialistic self aggrandizement, and sought “power”. Strategies inclide the execution of racism (including employment discrimination that creates urban areas of social despair, poverty, alienation, homelessness, and crime); genocide, forced labour including child labour, military occupations, and repression, (including police harassment and abuses in the name of “law enforcement”).

Replace Capitalism with a People-Oriented Economic System

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Capitalism is Not Democracy
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This book explores capitalism as spreading capitalistocracy, and not democracy:

Capitalism is Not Democracy
by Raymond Samuels

Part I: ISBN 1894934636 , 2005
Part II: ISBN 1-897036477, 2005
Part III:ISBN 1-897036906, 2005

Book on making healthcare a fundamental and vital human right, rather than a commodity for cynical exploitation and commercial profit under the American private healthcare model:

Constitutionalizing Universal Public Healthcare in CanadaConstitutionalizing Universal Public Healthcare in Canada
by Raymond Samuels

ISBN: 1894839153

Book on affirming aboriginal rights in Canada, and internationally:

Toward a Native-Canadian Equal Rights AmendmentToward a Native-Canadian Equal Rights Amendment
by Raymond Samuels

ISBN: 1894934040, 2003, 2004

Other books on re-affirming human rights and alternatives to capitalism:

Babylon and BeyondBabylon and Beyond: The Economics of Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Globalist and Radical Green Movements
by Derek Wall

ISBN: 0745323901, 2005

General description:
“Babylon and Beyond” provides a clear and accessible guide to the economics of anti-capitalism. Anti-capitalism is a diverse movement: critics accuse it of knowing what it is against, but not knowing what it is for. Anti-capitalists want radical change, but what shape should that change take? The truth is that different sections of the movement advocate distinct – and sometimes contradictory – programmes for change. This book concentrates on perhaps the most divisive issue of all in the anti-capitalist struggle: how to transform the economy. There are greens who think we must hold back economic growth and Marxists who believe the economy must move forward along capitalist lines before there can be revolutionary change; there are those who remain faithful to notions of collective or state ownership of all aspects of the economy, and those who think various kinds of reform or regulation of capitalist practice is more appropriate. “Babylon and Beyond” is a modern guidebook to the complicated terrain of alternatives to global capitalism. The book is ideal for activists, and anyone who is trying to find a useful way forward.

The Politics of Human RightsThe Politics of Human Rights – New Edition: A Global Perspective
by Tony Evans

ISBN: 0745323731, 2005

General description:
According to the Global Review of Ethnopolitics, this book is a “A humane and engaging polemic against globalization on the grounds that it undermines human rights and retards democratization.”