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Corrupted Government


Golden Calf: A biblical symbol concerning the worship at the altars of greed in capitalism.

The social ethical purpose of government in a substantive democracy is to facilitate the quality-of-living of all persons in that society, that critically pivots on providing vital public services. Such a government would make sure, for example, that every human being in the society has access to food, clothing, shelter, social housing, healthcare, and a protected environment toward a high quality of survival. This kind of government would facilitate such vital consideration before, for example, throwing millions and billions on dollars into relatively non-essential areas like subsidizing fancy construction projects, or building more and more bombs that could destroy the Earth many times over.

The elites who preside over the prevailing worship of capitalism seek to transform society into a bleak commercial milieu, where human rights, social justice, and environmental protection imperatives are ignored. In such a milieu, government is corrupted by pressures from greed-driven interests who seek corporate and other corresponding tax cuts, that ignore vital public needs. Such corporate tax cuts are sought as a “kick-back” reward for corporate interests having cynically supported various political campaigns.

The United States where the fantastically commercially rich often lives not far from communities of profound poverty, alienation, and crime, have perfected this kind of capitalistocractic system. This kind of social Darwinistic context is now being exported by America to the world, in the form of ‘Corporate Globalization’. Government in Canada, and internationally, under the ethos of Corporate Globalization, is being pressured by various interests who have been corrupted by the worship of capitalism. This context is further explored in the book ‘Capitalism is Not Democracy’, Parts I, II, and II.

Corrupted Government

American Newspeak: The Mangling of Meaning for Powerand Profit, (Vol. 1)
by Wayne Grytting
ISBN: 0865714649, October 2002

‘American Newspeak’ (Vol. 1) was rated “the best” on the web in political satire by Yahoo’s Internet Life, American Newspeak brings Orwell’s doublespeak up to date for the 21st century. America’s advertisers, CEOs and politicians have made cutting edge advances in the fracturing of logic lately that have left Big Brother in the dust. This collection of doubletalk by America’s best and brightest, painstakingly scavenged from the crevices of our media, contains countless gems of mangled meaning spewed out by the spin doctors of the emerging new world order. Just open the pages to cruise the Education Mall, visit the Department of Downsizing, pay with your tax dollars for Perma-War, or marvel at the wonders of McHealth and Science-Mart… Between the laughs, you may even learn some new tricks for using humour to penetrate our culture’s consumer fog — vital fodder for educators, community and labour activists, WTO protestors, and all citizens who want to maintain their remaining shreds of sanity.