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CBT: Pain and Pleasure?

There is no polite way to say the word for the ‘C’ in CBT, so I will come out and say it, CBT means Cock and Ball Torture.  Just saying these words would make most men cringe, while making other’s dicks stand up and say “HI.”

For those people who find pain to be pleasurable, will certainly find this article entertaining and enlightening.

The first question someone asks who has just learned by CBT asks me is why?  Why would someone do that to themselves.  Well that’s a great question!  I think every man is different and there are probably an infinite number of answers.  So unfortunately, I can’t answer that question.

Amazingly enough, there are so many things you can do to your cock with even household items to torture it, so I’ve provided tons of information to guide you on your way if you’re interested in trying it.

If you are a novice, then you probably don’t have any of the CBT gear that is out there, however, if you have dabbled a lot, then you might enjoy some of these I am about to discuss.

The first is a chastity device. While it may not necessarily cause physical pain on your cock or balls, if you try to get an erection while wearing one it certainly will.  It can be more of a mind game than physical.  Knowing that someone else has control over whether your cock can get hard can be very painful and pleasurable.

There is the cock/ball divider, which is a strap that divides each ball so that your partner can spend time on each individually. The cock harness, sometimes called the “gates of hell,” which wraps around the cock while it’s semi-erect, so that when it does get erect, it hurts, and then it can also be attached to a cock leash and your partner can lead you around.

Then there are sounds or penis plugs.  Sounds are long, typically metal, sticks that get inserted all the way down inside the shaft into your urethra.  Yes, it is okay if you are grabbing your dick in pain right now reading this!  The plugs are much smaller and plug up the head to stop the semen from coming out.  It can be painful to have the cum build up in the shaft, and that is what people who are into CBT like.

There are ball stretchers which are usually leather straps that wrap around the base of your balls and stretch your balls down.  Add weights to them to stretch them out more. Weights are typically called parachutes.

Ball crushers are also fun to use on someone.  Imagine two wooden planks attached by screws, and you can tighten the screws and squish your balls.  That’s the basic concept, except they come in all forms like plastic, metal, and leather.

Of course you can use nipple clamps on your balls as well, but they do make clips specifically for your balls.

There are other items you can buy and if you did a search on the web for CBT toys, you’ll find all sorts of fun stuff to play with!

Now onto the part where I tell you how to use household items for your CBT pleasure!

If you are interested in tying up your cock and/or balls, shoe string works great and is easy to come by.  Separating your balls can be extra torturous when using any string.

As I said before, nipple clamps can be used on your balls, but you say you don’t have nipple clamps? Try binder clips or cloths pins.  Binder clips will really hurt and cloths pins won’t be as painful, but both will work on your cock and balls.

If you’re interested in inserting things down into the shaft of your penis, rule one is to make sure you don’t hurt yourself.  Q-tips can be very painful when dry, so lube them up first, but be careful because the cotton can get stuck inside and cause problems later. I have some clients who put bengay or icy hot on the tip then stick it inside of them.  This is NOT suggested as it may cause all sorts of problems. However, that being said, it is quite painful and humiliating, and will probably leave your penis decommissioned for awhile.

Don’t use anything that has a point on it down your shaft.  A straw can work, but the edges on the front might hurt more.  The best thing is to find something smooth and thin to put down the shaft.

If you like the idea of the parachute weights, try tying a string around your balls, then tie something to the string, like a stapler or a can of food.  They will act as a great weight.

If you want to crush your balls or spank them, books work great, and so does a toilet seat!

Another great idea is to use candle wax on your cock and/or balls. Light the candle and let some wax build up, then pour it anywhere you want.  It will work nicely on your nipples too.

Don’t go extreme if it’s your first time, start small and work yourself up.  Your pain tolerance will increase over time, allowing you to take more and more.

Of course, I do not recommend or condone any of the above as it can cause a lot of pain and damage to your body.  However, I have done these and more on phone calls with my clients (never in person).

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