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Give ‘Em a Gold Star: How to Make Your Employees Feel Valued

You may be surprised at what actually motivates an employee. Is it the paycheck? Is it the benefits program? Is it the hours required of them? Though the studies have been done for decades have given employers a look at what makes their employees happy and satisfied, it’s still a puzzling question for many. Forbes has compiled a list of things that motivate employees to succeed at work, but it’s never as cut and dry as it seems. Employees are far more likely to work harder and to put more effort and innovation into their jobs when it means something to them personally. Working as a part of a team instead of as a drone makes a huge difference in the day to day lives of your workers.

Keeping your employees satisfied is of the utmost importance because a toxic workplace culture can create heaps of problems there isn’t time or resources to deal with. If you’re trying to turn a new leaf, keep a few things in mind to make your employees feel like you appreciate them.

Give your employees the tools that they need. Take a long look at what your employees need to be successful and try to think in terms of investment. Many workers find themselves using personal cell phones for company use, and while it may not amount to much on their phone bill, the principle behind it stands. If you feel unsure about costs, look into companies like Mobi-data that offer low-cost data plans. Giving them the option of using company phones will make them feel like you know where they’re coming from in more than one way and it may not be nearly as expensive as you think.

Recognize achievements and reward appropriately. If your employee does something phenomenal, make sure you let them know you see their hard work. Offer incentives like an Amazon gift card when something truly special happens, or if the budget is really tight, offer a handwritten thank you. Positive reinforcement is far more useful than punishment and your workplace culture will flourish in no time. Mobi Data

Challenge in new and encouraging ways. You may be surprised to hear someone say they appreciate the extra responsibility, but in truth, most people do. When you give someone a challenge, you’re effectively letting them know that you have faith in their skill and judgment. When you see the potential for a learning experience, pass along the task with appropriate direction and check in to see what kind of progress is made. Employees will not only appreciate your faith in them, but may also appreciate the time to hone skills that could lead to promotions or advancements.

Making your employees feel like a part of a team doesn’t always mean a bump in their salary. It can be something as little as recognizing a job well done or showing your appreciation with a pizza party. The most important thing is to actually mean it when you give praise; there’s nothing worse than a phony pat on the back.

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