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How to be a Parisian girl wherever you are?



Each season, a book comes out that is a must have in the fashion world. That honour has been awarded in the past to the memoirs of the famous stylist Grace Coddington, then memory book from trendsetter Alex Chung, and this season fashion lovers, especially French fashion are going crazy over book “How to be Parisian Wherever You Are”.

Authors of the book are four native Parisian girls, from whom most famous is model, music producer and trendsetter loved by fashion photographers, Caroline de Maigret. The other three are movie producer Sophie Mas, Anne Berest who wrote biography Francoise Sagan and journalist Audrey Diwan.

Girls have really gave their best to present a Parisian girl like she truly is (or at least as the rest of the world thinks she looks like) – independent, a little selfish, hedonist, a little snobbish, feminist, takes good care about herself in spiritual and physical way. They have described her from a point of view of men who had chance to meet that typical Parisian girl and also from their own point of view which is a bit ironic and mocking.

If we would divide the impression of a Parisian girl by segments, it would go something like this:


Parisian girls are exclusively wearing quality and out of their time clothes, they do not follow trends, they have a piece of clothing they feel best in, they buy in both expensive stores and on the street markets, and they don’t like glam.

If they have only one sweater in their closet it has to be made from cashmere.

They never put too much colors and accessories on themselves, they don’t put out the brand name and logo on clothes, they don’t wear polyester clothes and strass jeans, and they especially avoid UGG boots.

Each Parisian has her own fashion piece that doesn’t have to be expensive or extravagant, but she needs to feel comfortable in it, and she needs to look good in it, for example a leather jacket.

Parisian girl isn’t scared to search for clothes on the street market or on eBay. They combine navy and black, and they don’t follow trends. Trends are following them.

Deep cleavage is vulgar and reflection of insecurity, instead of cleavage they would rather wear a mini skirt, but with good cut, and they do not wear heels with it.

They would rather marry in a vintage dress then in a regular overpriced weeding dress. While pregnant they buy normal clothes in XL size instead of clothes for pregnant women.

They realized that black perfectly hides the lack of taste in clothing.


Parisian girls aren’t afraid of aging, and they do not seek plastic surgery, or at least they do not admit they have done it, because corrections are barely noticeable.

Parisian girls find their distinct perfume before they are thirty and they are wearing it till the end of their lives, and they do not leave the home without it.

They never put too much makeup, they never go for hair drying, and their hair is never flawless, because they rather like to give it a personal seal. Of course, this haircut recipe should be avoided at older age.

Moisturizing crème, corrector, mascara and red lipstick are much more important on their face then liquid powder, and makeup removal before bed should never be optional.

You will not see French manicure on a French girl, because their nails are usually short and clean.

Their teeth are never artificially white.

They are not slaves of cult of perfect body, and they go to the gym when they are in the mood, and not because they should.

French girls enjoy all those little imperfections that Mother Nature has given them, and they tend to pull out the best from it.

Love – Parisian girls are fragile, but they will never admit that, so they leave an impression of cold, liberal and bold women, but never vulgar.

Family – Family is important to them, but not the most important and they will never make an absolute sacrifice for their family.

Cooking – They now how to cook and they cook best when they want to impress guests they have invited to dinner, and they want that all the time.

Culture – They are going to theater, museums and concerts all the time, they believe that culture is vital for good health.

Now before rushing out outside to start your image change to become more like a Parisian girl, first think about your finances, because an image change is not an inexpensive thing, especially if you are already in debt. Think about checking out the top ten reviews of debt consolidation services that could help you settle your debt or plan it. Good debt planning will allow you to start your image and style change, and become a Parisian look alike at no time.

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Organic coconut oil: Your skin’s best winter companion



(NC) — As the temperature continues to drop, you have probably noticed the negative effects on your skin as it becomes dry, flaky and itchy. Walking down the aisles of the store, it’s quickly apparent that the choices of lotions and potions to stop dry skin are endless, but which product should you choose? There’s one superfood solution that is inexpensive, works wonders, and will perhaps make you think you’re on a tropical island; coconut oil, the perfect product to help ward off the attacks of Canada’s harsh winters.

“Coconut oil has increasingly gained popularity in Canada, and for good reasons. Its multiple uses are impressive, but most importantly, it is a truly remarkable skincare product,” says Helen Sherrard, president of the Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA). “It is a known fact that winter can wreak havoc on the skin. Adding coconut oil to your skincare routine is a particularly good way of protecting yourself against the damages of bitterly cold winds and dry indoor conditions.”

Coconut oil is rich in medium-chain fatty acids, which allows it to retain the moisture content of the skin while helping it to look and feel silky smooth. It also has high quantities of vitamin E; an essential nutrient for healthy skin growth, repair, and the prevention of premature aging. Coconut oil is also rich in many proteins that contribute to cellular health and tissue repair.

CHFA recommends that you winter-proof your skin with coconut oil by using it in the following ways:

Moisturizer: simply rub a small amount of coconut oil wherever you have dry or cracked skin. Your skin will absorb the oil quickly, plus it smells wonderful!

Exfoliant: making your own natural exfoliant by mixing coconut oil with natural exfoliating substances like sea salt or sugar is a great way to remove dead cells that accumulate on your skin throughout the winter.

Lip balm: applying chemical products on your lips is a sure way to ingest potentially harmful substances. Substitute your chemical lip balm for coconut oil and keep your lips moist and protected throughout the winter.

To learn more about coconut oil and to discover more natural health solutions, visit

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