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Dating: How to Encourage a Man to Ask You Out

There’s this one guy you’ve been eyeing for quite some time already. Exactly how would you get him to ask you out on a date? There are many different ways to ask a guy out, yet to make sure that it will work on him, never make it look like you admire him so much.

Make it possible for a guy to realize that you want to know him, but do not make it look like you being desparate, not before he begins to make his first move yet, according to top loveblab.com author Anamika Dutta. A man may wish to have a date with you, but once he becomes aware that you want him more than he fancies you, he’ll begin to go with the flow to simply observe how you’ll handle things through.

Be Good Friends

Friendship has always been a good foundation for the most successful couples. The more comfortable and happy he is with your company, the more likely he will invite you out again. However, if you’re too self-conscious of being close to him, he might realize that you’re not really sincere or maybe you’re just not his kind of girl. Stay calm and continue to take pride in yourself.

Know Him First

Discover what he expects in others, and in case you possess some of those features, show it to him if you can. However, be sure those actions won’t turn him off. Moreover, be certain that you’re not transforming yourself to squeeze in with what he prefers. Don’t develop into someone you’re not. If he explains something, don’t hesitate to oppose with it if you don’t agree, but keep an open mind and lend him your ears. If he doesn’t like you in the end, there’s still a lot of fish in the sea as they say.

Playing as a Fairytale Princess

Ask the guy for help. Men want to impress girls of how strong and reliable they can be. They always like to play “superman“. Don’t hesitate whenever there’s something that you need help for, like fixing your car’s flat tire, repairing the computer or perhaps saving you from an evil queen who trapped you inside the castle! That way, you can communicate more and build up a good bond.

Be Ready and Show It

Make him see that you have the desire to be together and is prepared for a committed relationship. As soon as you both feel comfortable with all the time you have spent together, he will feel that there might be a chance for you to have a good relationship in the future. Be patient. He will ask you out.

More often than not, this guy may perhaps like you as well. However, he might be too anxious to push the matter. By giving out certain hints on being ready to match  Mr. Right and showing your bachelorette state with little effort, he might probably turn his confidence up and take you on a date. Try these things and enjoy the ride!

How about you? Do you also have techniques on how to encourage a guy to ask you out? Share with us your stories on the comments section below. 

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